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Specialty Mineral Appraisal

Our appraisal team provides detailed valuations of specialty or non-metallic minerals that may be used for purposes other than construction. These minerals are often used in items such as glass and ceramics, paints, even our food. 

We have completed valuations for the following industrial minerals: Bentonite, Fullers Earth (earthy material similar to clay), Lime (Calcined Limestone), and precious metals such as gold. Our mineral valuation team consists of experienced appraisers, mining geologists, geographers, and mineral economists pooling their knowledge in the appraisal process.

 Some of our specialty mineral appraisal projects include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Lignite deposits in Arkansas
  • Placer gold deposits in Alaska
  • Bentonite reserves in Mississippi
  • Sodium operation in Texas
  • Mineral claims on Texata Island, British Columbia
  • Mica and clay sites and processing plants in the Carolinas